MNG Group of Companies, with its engineering backbone and entrepreneurial mindset spanning 42 years, introduced many firsts in Turkey and has been playing an essential role in the country’s global achievements in construction and contracting, hotel investments and management, energy production and marketing, local and international air transportation and finance.

Through its construction and contracting companies, MNG Group of Companies combines its half-a-century span of experience with its meticulous engineering approach to build the future. Via it’s local and international building and infrastructure projects The Group determines the rules of the sector and creates high-quality added value.

Mapa Construction and Günal Construction offer superior services for their clients in the public and private sector and increase the living standards of society and its individuals through innovative projects, becoming a driving force for economic development.

As the dynamos of the industry, Mapa Construction and Günal Construction are highly-praised and trusted by providing world-class construction services to actualize projects that include real estate developments, industrial plants, dams, hydroelectric power plants, irrigation systems, tunnels, airports, highways and roads, concrete silos, waste and drinking water treatment facilities, trade and shopping centers, hotels, holiday resorts, ground stabilization and pile foundation works, using the latest technology.

The Construction & Contracting Group consists of companies that have an expertize in in geotechnical and piling works, mechanical & electrical, plumbing installations & assembly and architecture & design services for actualizing dynamic, engaging, smart and contemporary projects.


MNG was founded in 1976 with the intention of prospering both in Turkey and the rest of the world and became a joint-stock company in 1983. Günal Construction was founded in the same year and remains as a leading company specializing in the construction of prestigious structures that include residences, business and trade centers and service buildings in addition to its investments in tourism.

... Read More The company actualized incremental projects through its engineering skills and analytical approach , to thinking with rapid, high-quality and incomparable delivery.

Günal Construction works in line with international standards and has been accredited with the following certificates: ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series Certificate.

Major projects implemented by Günal Construction include Ankara Hilton Hotel, Izmir Hilton Hotel, Göynük Club (Sultansaray) Hotel, İber Hotel Side Palace, WOW Topkapı Palace, World Palace, Günal Trade Center, Dikmen Valley Residences, Ankara Halkbank Headquarters, Erzincan Military Hospital, Gaziantep Waste Water Treatment Plant, Kralkızı Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Project. Close



Mapa Construction, one of the two major contracting companies under MNG Group of Companies, has been a driving force in the sector since its establishment in 1978.

Mapa Construction closely monitors global trends to integrate the latest technologies in its projects. Supported by the know-how of the other companies in the Group, Mapa Construction, is fueled by an innovative corporate culture that places progress at ... Read More the center of everything it does.

Mapa Construction has made a name for itself by combining its expertise with the latest technology to flawlessly meet contemporary expectations and efficiently estimates the dynamics of the industry.

Specializing in infrastructure projects, the company offers "general contracting” services for projects that include power plants, roads, airports, bridges and tunnels, industrial plants, irrigation systems, dams and hydroelectric power plants, waste water and drinking water treatment plants and concrete silos, with the understanding that engineering companies will shape the future of Turkey and the rest of the world.

With its long-established experience and expertise, Mapa Construction continues to be a driving force in the industry, in Turkey and abroad.

Major local and global projects undertaken by Mapa Construction include Istanbul New Airport Terminal, Kralkızı Dam & Hydroelectric Power Plant, Tekirdağ-Bandırma-İzmir-İskenderun-Derince Silos, Reşadiye I, II, III – (Tokat), Hamzalı – (Kırıkkale), Aralık – (Artvin), Pirinçli (Çorum) Hydroelectric Power Plants, Aircraft Maintenance Hangar, Heydar Aliyev International Airport Terminal, Dubai Water Canal Sheikh Zayed Road's Bridge Crossing Project, Sidi-Lahdjel Potable Water Treatment Plant, Tizi Ouzou Stadium and Elbasan-Librazhd Highway Project. Close


MNG Esmaş gains a competitive edge by integrating its years of experience with technology and offers engineering and contracting services in electrics & electronics.

The company, with its engineering skills and proactive working strategies, offers turnkey solutions in planning, consultancy and application services for business centers, hotels, holiday resorts, hospitals, power plants, substations, ... Read More power transfer lines, pumping stations, water treatment facilities, grain silos, conveyor systems, electrification, automation and instrumentation of plant facilities, electrical infrastructure and implementation of low-voltage systems in buildings and residences.

With the support of the Group of Companies it is bound to, MNG Esmaş continues to increase its brand awareness and reliability through its projects while expanding its market share in the industry. Close



MNG Tesisat brings its long-established experience to all its projects and differentiates itself with its expert analyses that offer customized solutions to its clients’ needs.

As an engineering and contracting company, MNG Tesisat offers turnkey solutions for project design and implementation of air-conditioning, heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitary installation, ... Read More fire suppression and control, building automation, kitchen and laundry installation, medical gas systems, water treatment and chemical process systems in residences, hotels, holiday resorts, trade and shopping centers, hospitals, industrial plants and other structures. Close www.mngtesisat.com



MNG Targem was founded in 1985 in Ankara and continues to operate with an integrated design approach that combines comfort, authenticity, quality and aesthetics.

The company offers solution-focused design and consultancy services for architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and engineering projects through its experienced team...Read More
and meets contemporary design requisites.

Actualizing projects that shape the world with its business vision, MNG Targem continuously develops its working methods in light of new technologies. On the other hand as an investor, constructor and contractor, MNG Group of Companies passes on its vast experience to MNG Targem to support the company in gaining a competitive edge in its sector. Close


MNG Zemtaş has been offering innovative solutions in soil & foundation engineering through geotechnical project design, survey and consulting for nearly a quarter of a century and provides an all-around service experience centered on speed, quality and reliability. MNG Zemtaş offers services in the following areas: Read More
  • Geotechnical project and consultancy services
  • Soil & Foundation engineering solutions and applications
  • Vibrex and pile glide works with varying diameters and depths
  • Pre-tensioned surface anchor and passive anchor works
  • Ground reinforcement through micro-pile and jet-grouting


Founded in 1999 as part of the MNG Group of Companies, MNG Tourism, is continually expanding its network of services through its Call Center as well as its authorized sales agencies and sales offices equipped with the latest technology, in Istanbul (Maslak, Şaşkınbakkal-Bağdat Caddesi).

MNG Tourism offers an all-around service experience by combining its boutique approach to service with its working ethos that focuses on quality, speed and reliability, with an expert team that has a deep understanding of industry dynamics and customer expectations.

MNG Ticket offers 24/7 ticketing services while MNG Mice provides services in a broad spectrum of areas including events, motivational meetings and dealer incentive meetings.


MNG Group of Companies has started constructing touristic facilities in 1990 such as Ankara Hilton, Izmir Hilton, Magic Lide der Club Kemer, Magic Life der Club World Kiris. In 1999, the Group has built the "theme hotels" and started to operate them under the “World of Wonders” brand name.
World of Wonders (WOW) Hotels in Bodrum, Istanbul and Dubai offer breath-taking accommodation alternatives for business and leisure travelers with a total capacity of 5000 beds.


MNG Airlines, founded in February of 1996, began its scheduled cargo services to Hahn (Germany) and Stansted (England) with a mid-range Airbus A300 in February of 1996.

Today, it operates with a fleet of six Airbus A300-600 planes and one Airbus A330-243F aircraft.

MNG Airlines has gained a leading and respected position in the industry with its growing fleet and its philosophy of “tailor-made service”, which focuses on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Dominating the market share in air cargo transport, MNG Airlines continues to expand its business by offering its customers chartered cargo services with alternative plane and capacity options in addition to its scheduled flights.

MNG Airlines has a fully equipped Exports Warehouse located 12 km from Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Fully compliant with EU standards, the warehouse is built on a 10,000 m² area, occupies a volume of 60,000 m³ and supports a 7,000 Euro-palette capacity. The MNG Warehouse operates under Istanbul Airport Customs and was commissioned in 2000 to enhance and bring the company’s service capacities to the next level.


MNG Jet offers turnkey solutions in charter, operations and maintenance and sales of private jets through its dynamic and competent team. With its long-established experience and know-how, the company offers specialized, meticulous services that grant it a leading position in the industry.

MNG Jet offers its customers a stress-free flying experience through its charter services that allow them to determine aircraft types and flying times for their travels. Customers who choose MNG Jet enjoy the comfort and luxury of personalizing all details regarding their jet lease.

MNG Jet is the leading business jet operator and maintenance provider in its current geographical position. Located in the company’s new warehouse in Istanbul Atatürk Airport, it provides technical services for Challenger CL601/604/605, Challenger CL300, Global 5000/Express, Hawker 700/750/800/800XP/850XP/900XP, B737NG, BBJ and Airbus A300-600 aircrafts.

MNG Jet's maintenance operations are certified by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in Turkey, EASA and authorities from 11 different countries. The company provides B1/B2 technical and hands-on training services for Challenger 601/604/605, Global Express/5000 and Hawker 700/750/800/800XP/850XP/900XP with SHY 147 approval.

MNG Jet also sells spare parts for private jets, Airbus A300, A310, A320, Boeing 737CL, 747 and MD80, and offers plane management services to its customers with its air-taxi operating services certification.


MNG Faktoring was founded in 1999 as a MNG Group of Companies affiliate. MNG Faktoring embraces a solution-focused approach and assumes a business fellowship role in its clients’ financial endeavors with an experienced team providing services through a broad branch network across Turkey. A direct reflection of its entrepreneurial spirit, the company continues to increase its market share and expand its branch network.

With the strong support of MNG Group of Companies, MNG Faktoring aims to create added value for Turkey by helping SMEs progress and expand their limits


MNG Group of Companies supports the belief that economic growth, social welfare and sustainable development are achieved through renewable energy investments. The Group has been using its engineering ethos to actualize exemplary projects in renewable energy production and its trade since 2004.

MNG Group of Companies continues to invest in run-of-the-river hydroelectric power plants. Seven out of the ten hydroelectric power plants with a total installed power capacity of 164MW and a yearly electrical production of 950 Gwh have been completed, with the remaining three nearing completion in the near future.